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Puzzle No. 52: Themeless

Happy 🕺puzzle 💃 Friday!

Today's grid is a return to mirror symmetry, which I've done in a themeless just once before. Thanks to Michael Sanky for the clutch test solve last night — hope everyone enjoys it!

I seeded the puzzle with 37-Across, which makes this a great opportunity to plug "These Puzzles Fund Abortion," a puzzle pack benefitting the Baltimore Abortion Fund. It's edited by the incomparable Rachel Fabi and features puzzles by many of my absolute favorite constructors (and also one by me!) — if you're still deciding what to solve this weekend or recommend to your fellow neighborhood puzzle-lover, make it this bundle.

Lastly, with a busy last month of teaching on the horizon and the weather in St. Louis as nice as it's been in ages, I'm tentatively planning on taking a May hiatus from Happy Little Puzzle posting. If you're a constructor who'd like to hop in with a guest puzzle this coming month, please reach out! It'd be my pleasure to share your stuff.

Happy solving,



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