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I’m a 24-year-old crossword constructor based in St. Louis, Missouri, where I also teach ninth-grade algebra as part of an Americorps-affiliated fellowship. When I’m not busy with either of those things, I’m likely playing basketball or annoying my cat. (COVID edit: it's really just annoying the cat these days.)

I first started solving crosswords in 2017 as a junior in college. A year later, I attended my first puzzle tournament, where some very kind and talented folks inspired me to try constructing myself. It's completely captured my imagination since then.

Whenever I construct crosswords, my goal is to make puzzles that I would love to solve myself (i.e. those full of pop culture references, millennial vocabulary, and cultural representation/inclusivity). While my work periodically appears in various publications, I made this site to share even more of it with whomever is looking for a fun challenge or diversion. So far, I've settled into a routine of publishing full-sized puzzles on Fridays and smaller, bite-sized puzzles on Mondays. If you enjoy them, let me know! (Or consider donating towards this site's upkeep, though please don't feel obligated to do so.)

In addition, I love hosting crosswords by other constructors, especially those from underrepresented groups in the Puzzleverse. If that's you and you'd like a guest spot on this site (or you're new to constructing and want to learn more), please get in touch :)

Happy solving!


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