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Thanks for checking out my site.

I’m a 23-year-old puzzle constructor based in St. Louis, Missouri, where I also teach ninth-grade algebra as part of Americorps-affiliated fellowship. When I’m not busy with either of those things, I’m likely playing basketball or annoying my cat.

I first started solving crosswords in 2017 as a junior in college. A year later, I attended my first puzzle tournament, where some very kind and talented folks inspired me to try constructing myself. It's completely captured my imagination since then.

While submitting crosswords to major publications, I’ve found that the puzzles I love to make and solve (those full of pop culture references, millennial vocabulary, etc.) aren’t always what some editors are looking for. As that hasn’t stopped me from making them anyway, I’ve put together this site to share them. If you enjoy, let me know! (Or consider donating, though please don't feel obligated to do so.)

In addition, I love hosting crosswords by other great constructors, especially those from underrepresented groups in the Puzzleverse. If that's you and you'd like a guest spot on this site (or you're new to constructing and want to learn more), please get in touch :)

Happy solving!


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