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Little-ish Puzzle

Same old same old here at Happy Little Puzzles HQ, though school's back in session (virtually) now, which is great. Resuming my real job means that I might be a bit looser on the twice-a-week, Monday-Friday puzzle posting than I've been this summer, but I'm still going to do my best to put stuff out often for y'all to enjoy.

If you're a constructor (especially one from an underrepresented group in puzzledom) and you'd like a guest spot as I get a bit busier, email me!



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Little-ish Puzzle

Viral sea shanty that has lived rent-free throughout my entire being for the past week: nine letters.

Little-ish Puzzle

Little puzzle time! Felt like shaking things up this week and going 7x13 with some long acrosses. Hope you have fun with it! Elsewhere in puzzles, Pao Roy and I teamed up to bring you today's USA Toda

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