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Little-ish Puzzle

Same old same old here at Happy Little Puzzles HQ, though school's back in session (virtually) now, which is great. Resuming my real job means that I might be a bit looser on the twice-a-week, Monday-Friday puzzle posting than I've been this summer, but I'm still going to do my best to put stuff out often for y'all to enjoy.

If you're a constructor (especially one from an underrepresented group in puzzledom) and you'd like a guest spot as I get a bit busier, email me!



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Little-ish Puzzle

Didn't set out to make a Nintendo villain tribute puzzle, but here we are!

Little-ish Puzzle

Happy little Monday! This puzzle is best enjoyed while wearing a mask or after making a plan to vote. Hope it's fun!

Little-ish Puzzle

It's Indigenous People's Day, which means it's an especially good day to make your wordlist more inclusive! Hope you enjoy the puzzle, too.

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