• Matthew Stock

"The Very End" (by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano)

Happy Monday!

~Very~ excited to offer a guest spot today to Enrique Henestroza Anguiano, whose amazing midi themed puzzles on his website (as well as his full-size ones) are frequent inspirations for my own blog content! You can also find his work in the American Values Club and most recently this past Friday in Universal Crosswords. Check it them out!

Themeless on deck for Friday. Stay cool this week.


From Enrique: "Really happy to have one of my little-ish puzzles appear on, well, Happy Little Puzzles! I've been an admirer of Matthew's crosswords in various outlets this year, and I aspire to the level of ingenuity, inclusivity, and (a touch of) goofiness that he brings to his themes and clues. I'm especially glad that he's taken on the midi genre on this site, particularly the 11x-ish size that I'm a big proponent of and that is on offer here today. Hope you enjoy!"

Follow Enrique on Twitter @datalexic.

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