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"Safety First" (by Amanda Rafkin)

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I'm pretty sure I've loved every Amanda puzzle I've ever solved, so I was stoked when she offered this beaut of an 11x for my site. I particularly loved the clues for 7-Down and 20-Down — if you have a favorite of your own, shout her out on Twitter @AmandaRafkin!

Amanda also recently started her own puzzle blog, aptly named Brain Candy, where she's been posting delectable minis, midis or full-sized puzzles pretty much every day. You should absolutely check it out (and keep an eye out for her byline elsewhere in the Puzzleverse this month 👀)

Guest themeless coming on Friday. Stay well until then <3


p.s. Today's USA Today puzzle, "6/1" by Rachel Fabi, is one of my favorite puzzles I've ever done. Check it out for yourself here and find Rachel on Twitter @faBioethics.

From Amanda: "I'm so thrilled to be making a guest appearance on Matthew’s fantastic site, which has become a regular part of my solving rotation. This puzzle probably mostly speaks for itself and I hope you enjoy solving it ... or at least smirk knowingly at some point during your solving experience. If you enjoyed the solve, check out amandarafkin.blogspot.com for new puzzles daily ☺️"

pdf / puz / solution

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