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Puzzle No. 56: "Play to Win" (by Steph Brown)

It's bonus puzzle Thursday at Happy Little Puzzles, and we've got a world debut from Steph Brown! Steph and I have worked together before, and she's already one of my favorite new clue writers on the scene. Enjoy her timely themed offering here today, and look out for more greatness in the future!

Happy solving,


From Steph: "Super stoked to have my first puzzle out in the world! Huge thanks to Matthew both for agreeing to post this puz and for teaching me 99 percent of what I know about constructing [not true – she's a natural! MS]. I’ve mostly been working on themelesses, but the approach of a certain (usually) quadrennial sporting event led to a theme idea and I was happy to be able to get it to work in this grid!

I’m pretty quiet on Twitter (@brownstephj) but crossword people are great people and I would love to meet more of you guys! I will absolutely say yes to anyone who wants to collab, so please reach out to talk puzzles or anything else :)"

pdf / puz / solution


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