• Matthew Stock

Puzzle No. 55: Themeless (with Rafael Musa)

Happy Friday, and happy July!

Very excited to team up with Rafa to start the month on a high note. I love so many things he brought to this collab process and think you'll love the finished product. Special thanks to Brooke (of today's #NYTXW and #USATXW!) and Steve for test solving!

If you want more of Rafa's work, check it out here and here ... and prepare to be delighted!

Happy solving,


From Rafa: "This is my second-ever themeless, first-ever collab, and favorite puzzle I’ve ever been involved with! Matthew is such a joy to work with and I’m pumped that this Happy Little Puzzle has such a great home. Every single one of his clues was 🔥but my faves are 16A and 42D. There’s so much stuff that I love in this puzzle; if you like it too, let’s be friends! You can find me on Twitter where I’m always down to test solve, collab, banter, post crossword memes, etc."

pdf / puz / solution


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