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Puzzle No. 49: "First Position"

I realized that the last few puzzles of mine I've posted have been pretty hard, and I'm very fond of this lightly challenging puzzle, so it seemed like a perfect fit to share it today. My main thoughts on it are that I'm incredibly jealous of the job mentioned in 15-Across (tasty spoiler here), and there's a fair amount of other food stuff, which I'd say means it's a fun puzzle. Hope you agree!

Also, I've solved some great stuff this past week and want to shout out a few highlights:

- Jess Goldstein of the wonderfully-named Cross Angel: Mind Freak blog dropped a great themeless last week, which you can play here. It's full of great entries and some names I've been looking forward to seeing in puzzles for a while.

- Patrick Berry made this past week's Wall Street Journal variety puzzle, and it's unsurprisingly fantastic. It's probably my favorite style of variety puzzle to solve these days, and I highly recommend it. Print and play here.

- The Browser cryptics have really been bringing it lately, and Paolo Pasco's latest is next-level fun. 10/10 would recommend — subscribe here or start by checking out the free ones!

- Rounding out the list as any list of top solves could: with puzzles by Mollie Cowger. Check out her Inkubator debut here (you can buy it for $1 if you're not a subscriber, though you 100 percent should be) and her collaboration with Happy Little Puzzles OG Brooke Husic in the USA Today here!

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