• Matthew Stock

Puzzle No. 46: Themeless

Happy puzzle Friday!

This challenging 16x16 themeless is a special buddy — to my knowledge, it's the first full-size puzzle that has translational symmetry instead of rotational, L/R, top-bottom, or diagonal. Here, the block pattern in the first 8x8 quadrant is replicated three times in the other quadrants. For some more notes/musings on translational symmetry, click here.

This puzzle would probably never have been made if not for Brooke Husic's trailblazing work with diagonal symmetry, which you can find in all its glory here. I love how much diagonal symmetry has been embraced throughout the crossword world and can't wait to see what other ways people creatively challenge current puzzle conventions. If you decide to give a translational grid a go, please share it!

Happy solving,


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