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Puzzle No. 37: Themeless (with Kate Hawkins)

I've met a ton of amazing people through crosswords this year, and Kate is up there with the best of them! She made some of my favorite puzzles from this past year (special shoutout to the Inkubator, AVCX and USA Today!), and she's also full of positive puzzle vibes and invaluable constructing tips. Collaborating with her was a blast, and I think you'll really like what we put together.

Happy solving,



From Kate: "This puzzle makes me very happy indeed.

Matthew and I met over the internet and quickly learned how much we have in common: we both went to Yale – we even both lived in the same dorm, held the same job, and worked for the school paper, just 8 years apart! – taught/teach high school math, work in radio, and write crosswords. The crossword stars could not have been more aligned for this collaboration – when we decided to collaborate, we even had the same central answer top of mind for seeding a themeless. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!"

Follow Kate on Twitter @kateshawkins.

pdf / puz / solution


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