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Puzzle No. 34: Themeless (by Mollie Cowger)

Excited to welcome fellow Dallasite Mollie Cowger to the site today with a superb themeless puzzle! I loved solving this and am sure you will too.

Please wear a mask.



From Mollie: "Hello hello! It's an honor to bring you today's happy not-so-little puzzle. I've been constructing semi-seriously for a few months now, and lately I've been working mainly on themeless construction. I liked how this puzzle turned out, so I got in touch with Matthew (who had reached out to me a little while back about a puzzle I made) about posting it here, and he agreed! I'm very grateful to him for helping this puzzle see the light of day, and also for providing some useful notes that let me clean up the rough edges before it went up.

1A (which is maybe a tad outdated but will hold a special place in my heart forever) was the main seed for the grid, and then the NW corner stack and 3D went in, and everything else was built out from there. One thing I've noticed in the very short time I've been making themelesses is that when I start with one corner stack, the opposite corner can sometimes fall short, because I'll usually fill it last. So I tried to give the SE corner a bit more TLC this time, and I think it worked out nicely- I quite like 57A and 64A :)

Anyway — thank you again to Matthew, I hope you enjoy the solve, and if you want to hear about future puzzles from me/co-construct/talk about puzzles/anything else, you can find me on twitter at @molliecowger."


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