• Matthew Stock

Puzzle No. 29: "Neighsayers" (by Sophia Maymudes)

Another great puzzle today from the great Sophia Maymudes! I was so busy enjoying the theme when I first solved that I almost didn't notice the brilliant use of diagonal symmetry. But it's diagonal and it's brilliant! Hope you have as much fun solving as I did.


From Sophia: "My first diagonally symmetric puzzle! I’m still only 85% sure that all the black squares are in the right place. Thank goodness for diagonal symmetry, though, because this theme set was not kind to work with answer-length-wise. But I really vibe with the finished product and hope that y'all do too. 

Many thanks as always to Matthew for hosting and to Kyra for test solving!"

Follow Sophia on Twitter @smaymudes.

pdf / puz / solution


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