• Matthew Stock

Puzzle No. 27: "Deep Doo Doo" (with Quiara Vasquez)

Special thanks to Sid Sivakumar for putting Quiara and me in touch last week. We've already gotten to work together on several puzzles, and thanks to Quiara, they all rock. Look for them out in the world!

I've also got today's Universal puzzle, "Dance Around." Check it out online here and let me know what you think!



From Quiara: "It's pretty cool to be making my "crossworld" debut on Happy Little Puzzles Dot Com - Matthew is a lovely guy from whom I've learned a lot about grid construction, and with whom I vibe quite a lot, as evidenced by the many collaborations we have in the pipeline. Shout-outs are in order to indie crossword impresario Sid Sivakumar, who put Matthew and me in touch, and to "Internet person" Neil Cicierega, whose "Annoyed Grunt" (spoilers!) inspired this puzzle's theme. (Coincidentally, almost immediately after we finished this puzzle, Neil dropped a new album which is well worth an hour of your life.) I hope this puzzle gives you enough joy to cancel out the anguish of having 17-, 38-, and 61-Across simultaneously lodged in your brain."

Follow Quiara on Twitter @quiarados.

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