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Puzzle No. 10: "Let's Play Two!"

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

This puzzle was inspired by Brian Cimmet's "Twinlets" offering that led off last years's Lollapuzzoola* suite. I remember loving it while solving from St. Louis in August, and I finally had a go at making one. Special thanks to Brian and fellow indie xword blogger Amanda Rafkin for test-solving!

For those unfamiliar with this particular puzzle format, some quick tips:

1) It doesn't matter which finished grid ends up on the left and which ends up on the

right, so place your first answer in whichever grid strikes your fancy.

2) From there, your goal should be to use the crossings (where two words intersect)

to determine which answer goes in which grid. If you're not sure, I suggest

writing possible answers in the margins next to the clues before dropping them

in the grid. If you're able to list a few like this, it should make it easier to see

which go together and which go in different grids.

3) If you find yourself getting stuck/frustrated, please peek at the solution! This puzzle

was made for you to enjoy. Ask a friend for help, look up something you don't

know, or put it down and come back to it later — whatever keeps you happy

while solving is what you should do :)

If you have fun with this variety, pass it along to someone else! If you let me know as well, I'll make some more.


*For those unfamiliar, Lollapuzzoola is an annual crossword puzzle tournament in New York City. Learn more here.


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