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Little puzzles (by Sid Sivakumar)

Updated: Jun 5

Happy Monday! For my first guest spot on the new site, I'm thrilled to share some little puzzles by my St. Louis puzzle pal, Sid Sivakumar. If you'd like to contribute some of your own, let me know!

Sid is an incredibly talented constructor and a thoughtful, generous collaborator. If you like these 7s, be sure to check out his website sidsgrids.com for more impeccable work. I especially recommend his latest themeless (though don't solve if you're too hungry!)

From Sid: "Super stoked that Matthew has started his own puzzle site! And it’s an honor to be his first guest spot. 'Happy Little Puzzles' is a perfect descriptor for Matthew’s brand of constructing and cluing — I almost always crack a smile solving his puzzles. Hope you enjoy these minis and here’s to many more!"

Download PDFs and .puz files for all previously published little puzzles here.

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