• Matthew Stock

Little-ish Puzzle (with Quiara Vasquez)

Told you to expect more collabs from Q and I! Seeded this little buddy with 5-Down (why not?) and had fun from there. My favorite of Quiara's clues are 1-Across and 8-Down, though there are a ton to choose from.

Happy solving,



From Quiara: "Whenever I need a reminder that I am charming and funny, I will just remember that Matthew read my clue for 19-Across and did not instantly terminate our friendship. The conspicuously girly clue for 14-Across is my personal favorite here, but the entire top row (both across and down) is pretty good, IMHO. When you're working with someone on Matthew's level you just gotta up your game, y'know?"

pdf / puz / solution


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