• Matthew Stock

Little-ish Puzzle (with Brooke Husic)

Brooke's back! (Let's gooooo!)

We had more fun making this midi than I thought was possible with an 11x puzzle. Love Brooke's clues at 33-Across and 5-Down, but honestly everything in this puzzle makes me smile.

Happy solving — and keep any eye out for our byline on Thursday! 🔥🎩🎊


From Brooke: "I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited about a midi??? The other month Rachel shared her 4-Down recipe with me. I’m really a terrible cook, but I could manage this. When I told Matthew about it, we both immediately wanted to seed a puzzle with it. The only thing that survives from the first draft I sent him was the 4-Down/27-Across intersection which we knew we had to keep. Ultimately we emerged with a phonetic mini-theme that I think will be obvious from solving, and whose entries cement this as the top midi I’ve ever been part of making. We had a really good flow cluing together, and Matthew produced such bangers as the bookends @ 1-Across and 32-Down. Our magnum opus — my assist, Matthew’s goal — is 16-Down. Constructing with Matthew is so fun and we’re excited to bring you some magic this Thanksgiving in our fave venue!"

pdf / puz / solution

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