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Little-ish Puzzle (by Bill Pipal)

So this is cool!

Bill's puzzle here marks the first Happy Little Puzzle appearance by someone who came across my work out in the world and reached out to talk about constructing. It makes me so excited to know that my puzzles are reaching lots of people, and I'm really glad Bill got in touch.

The 11x below is Bill's first, as he notes, but you wouldn't know it by those fill skills! I'm sure his byline will be popping up elsewhere before too long. Enjoy!


From Bill: "A huge thank you to Matthew for giving me the opportunity to publish my first puzzle out in the puzzle-verse! I started constructing earlier this year, and have been amazed at how welcoming and inclusive the crossword community is to new constructors. 

On to the puzzle . . . it started with the seed entry at 6-Down. For those who watched as a kid, I hope it brings back a bit of nostalgia. For those who have not, go to YouTube and enjoy the fun! Aside from that entry, I particularly liked getting 16-Across into the puzzle, along with the trickier clues for 11-Across and 20-Across. 

Thank you to Matthew for the great clue at 30-Down and his thoughtful edits to other clues. If anyone is interested in collaborating now or in the future, feel free to email me at wpipal[at]gmail.com. Enjoy the puzzle!"

pdf / puz / solution


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