• Matthew Stock

Little-ish Puzzle (with Layla Beckhardt)

Super excited to tag team with Layla Beckhardt on her first published puzzle, and the first Happy Little Puzzle of August! Keep your eyes peeled for more from Layla (and the two of us!) in the coming months — her puzzle chops are truly top-notch.

In other puzzle news, I'm thrilled to make my USA Today debut today! It's a breezy puzzle called "Opening Bars," and you can play it online here or download it here. I'm honored to have my work featured there, and I'm really proud of this puzzle and the few I have queued up.

Back here, we're keeping the guest train rolling right along with a brilliant themed puzzle on Friday. Tell you friends!


From Layla: "I was connected to Matthew via the crossword collaboration google form and I could not have found a better mentor, crossword genius and fellow Taika Waititi fan! I’ve loved dipping my toes into the crossword world & am very excited to explore further 😊"

Follow Layla on Twitter @bechehardt.

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