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Little Puzzle (by Priyanka Sethy)

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Put your hands together for Priyanka who, in addition to putting together this delightful little puzzle, is also making her published debut with today's Universal crossword!! I had a blast working on it with her and can't wait to see what great puzzles she constructs going forward.

Once you've warmed up with this 7x, head on over to Universal's site to play our full-size puzzle online. You can also check to see if Universal runs in your local paper (or download the pdf here).


Edit: Dallas fo

From Priyanka: "So excited for Matthew and my collaboration puzzle that’s up on Universal Crosswords today! I’m a graduate student in New York. I studied creative writing in college and love anything to do with words and wordplay, including crossword puzzles, calligraphy, and short stories. Happy to have my second little puzzle up on Matthew’s site as well :)"

Follow Priyanka on Twitter at @psethy95.

pdf / puz / solution

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