• Matthew Stock

Little-ish Puzzle (by Rasa Guarnaccia)

Very very excited to introduce Rasa and her fantastic puzzles to Happy Little Puzzles today! Once you're done solving this delightful 11x, and reading her constructor notes below, head on over to the USA Today, where she's teamed up with Brooke Husic on a certified banger. How lucky we are!

Happy solving,


From Rasa: "This is my first solo puzzle and I am really excited that Matthew let me have my first Midi debut on his blog just in time for my first USAT collaboration with Brooke! Both Matthew and Brooke have been extremely helpful mentoring me through making fun fill and clues full of my voice on this Midi. I am a high school math teacher based in NYC, and after many years of solving puzzles (proud of my current NYTimes 295 day streak thanks to quarantining) I have Brooke to thank for exposing me to other crossword blogs and venues and being so patient with me as I started constructing puzzles for the first time in December. For this puzzle I really tried to attempt both fill & clues that were a little more meaningful to me to put in a puzzle, and I am looking forward to sharing more puzzles with the world this spring."

Follow Rasa on Twitter @rasanottabula.



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